Blender Exporter 1.1.6 and lights

Hi All, Everytime I return to MSFS Deving it’s something different. I am using
Blender 3.2 and the v1.1.6 exporter. I cannot get any blender lights to export
to the sim, they do not even appear in the GLTF file. If I turn on the
Punctual Lights option in the exporter they appear in the GLTF but the console
in sim throws an error that KHR_punctual_lights are not supported. I found a
youtube video that suggested this was fixed in v1.1.3 of the exporter but that
seems to be not the case. Anyone getting this to work?

1.1.6 plugin version works with blender 3.1.2 1.3.0 plugin version
works with blender 3.3.x Those combination are known to work My suggestion
is to use a portable blender install to avoid any previous install leftover ,
this one is 3.3.3
Also remember to not tick the “custom properties”

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