[Blender] Question about the Blender Exporter State of Work

Hello everyone, I was trying to shed some light and make some clarity
regarding the Blender Exporter. One thing I noticed in the late time is that,
as stated previously, the Blender Exporter was supposed to be shipped and
packed within the SDK along with the 3DSMax exporter with Sim Update 10, or at
least that’s what I recall was said way back when development was one month or
so into the job. Now, I see the latest release is dated 26th of April 2022,
1.16, and for how the exporter might still work, I was wondering if there has
been any change in the plans for it. I see no activity going on on the GitHub
page since weeks, no new versions are getting released, and there’s no track
of the exporter in the SDK shipped with SimUpdate 10, also there has been no
communication about any change of plans for its release. I can feel it’s
mainly a secondary task compared with the 3DSMax Babylon Exporter, but still I
think we would all love some clarity, a bit of a development update going all
the way to the Stable Release, or at least to the near future, and what plans
have changed and why. This is a community and also the community helped a lot
with development and troubleshooting, so I think we’re well worth some
information about it :slight_smile: Best regards Chris - LN Design

Hi Chris, I was one of the main contributors to the Blender exporter. While I
cannot speak for Asobo, I can provide some insight into what’s been going on.
Around May, the main Asobo developer in charge of the project left the
company, leaving no one to take over. I also had my own items to attend to, so
my work also stopped around that point. As far as I know, Asobo recently
onboarded a new developer to take over the exporters, so we should expect to
see some activity on the exporter again sometime soon. The exporter in its
current state worked on Blender 3.1 (I think?) so for now, if possible, stay
on that version. I am not aware of any breaking changes to the sim since the
last addon release, so that info could be wrong. If it’s completely broken, I
don’t mind taking a quick look to see if I can fix something.

@pepperoni ref: I don’t mind taking a quick look to see if I can fix
Please can you check that it can export in both cases – Identity
Bit SET , and UNSET SOme are reporting it fails to export with the
Identity Bit set, so nobody is able to use that option – assuming they wised
to. Thanks

I’m happy to take a look, but I’m unsure of what you mean by “Identify Bit”.
Can you please provide a video and blend file?

Exporting from Blender with the Asobo exporter works fine for me with
Unique_ID. The only thing is the sim throws errors if I use Unique_id +
punctual lights. Not necessarily a problem though, as aircraft will usually
use .fx lights instead. I’m very happy with the current state of the exporter
with blender 3.1.

My error – I meant Unique_ID It would seem that Wombii has tested Blender
3.1, and that functionality is working fine .

Hi pepperoni! Yes I surely remember you since when the only alternative was to
use two different exporters, which included the FBW exporter you developed :slight_smile:
Thanks for making things clear, indeed I noticed iPierabella disappeared from
the GitHub page, but I was wondering if maybe he was taken with the Babylon.js
exporter for 3DSMax. I understand that, we all have a life outside of our
screens, it was in no way a criticism, just some need to know the fate of the
exporter. So can we expect the development to continue in the future
@pepperoni? Thanks for making things clear in this way, and yeah, the exporter
is working pretty nicely with 3.1 it seems but that’s something I’d refer to
the Issues page on the GitHub because I personally have a really linear
workflow and limited usage of it. Many people who work on aircrafts will
surely know about any possible bug and they’re gonna report it on GitHub most
likely. Thanks for the heads up! Chris

Hi there, As @pepperoni said the person in charge of the Blender Exporter
within Asobo left a few months ago and the person who will take this over
arrived just a few weeks ago. She first had to get familiar with all of our
processes and help on a few urgent things before looking at the Blender
Exporter, but we have a meeting scheduled next week on this topic. There
should be more activity on the gitHub repository in the coming weeks. Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

Updating the exporter to Blender LTS version 3.3 would be a real help. And, we
do need some samples for the SDK.

Hi Eric! Thanks for the heads up! That’s the official answer we were looking
for (not that @pepperoni 's wasn’t of value, but we got an official statement
on what’s going on now). I think a great part of the community was wondering
about the fate of the exporter so this is great news for a lot of people :slight_smile:
Let’s greet her with a warm welcome, a good job and an anticipated thank you
for all the hard work which she’s gonna get into!

Plus one here; I appreciate the updates on the sim however now we have 3.3 LTS
and I guess with current climate even people that for some strange reasons
decide to stick with 3DS will shift to Blender, already the exporter gave a
HUGE boost to quality of products from us all, frankly that was way overdue
when was released. Glad to read that it seems ASOBO isn’t dropping the ball on
the community.

Hi, maybe you have an idea why the exporter is losing ORM appearance in any
materials that are appended/pasted from Asset Browser or objects pasted from
different Blender files? I can’t reuse any materials, they always have to be
created from scratch every time. Appended materials seem to be fine, but in
MSFS only diffuse texture is showing up, no roughness or metalness. It
tremendously complicated the workflow. Maybe there is an easy fix for that?
See my issue here: