Blender to FS2020 exporter does not work?

I have tried 100 different ways, sifted through countless hours of videos and
have suffered numerous forums, each with their own way of trying to do
something that i have never in my career had so much difficulty making a 3d
model showing up nor finding the rght source for standardised information. I’m
under the impression everything is broken right now? If not, what is a good
source that actually knows what they are doing with the export process? There
are too many sources for WRONG information now, who has the correct

What exporter and what version are you using currently?

3.3.4, and this is the msfs “N” Panel tab exporter from Asobo. I kick out gltf
files constantly and nothing shows up in FS202, also, it seems that they will
not open in the microsoft 3d builder and AR previewer.

They will not be previewed in microsoft 3d builder and AR previewer because
they use custom MSFS extensions which those apps don’t know anything about.
What exactly is the version of the msfs “N” Panel tab exporter from Asobo? You
can look it up in the preferences. It should read 1.3.0.

Hi, If the object has textures, to make it visible in the windows 3d viewer
those needs to be in the same folder of the .gltf and .bin files (hope you
have both!), otherwise the “bee” error is shown About the Sim, Did you compile
the exported object? Putting it in a modelLib assetgroup and pressing the
build all in the project editor?

Are you trying to export via the multi exporter (N tab is for that otherwise
use he File Export menu)? Then how do you build the project for the sim?