BRAKE RIGHT POSITION - (And LEFT) will increase brake effect 0-100%

The following code will cause the brake effect to go from 0 to 100% yet the
behaviours debug will show zero input and 14500 input. This is for a glider
where the spoiler handle fully extended causes the wheel to have it’s brakes
applied. The following code will increment the brake input and effect from 0
to 100 percent in a matter of seconds.

                (A:SPOILERS HANDLE POSITION, percent) 90 >= if{
                    14500 (>A:BRAKE RIGHT POSITION, Position 32k)
                } els{
                    0 (>A:BRAKE RIGHT POSITION, Position 32k)

The default aircraft use Position 16k not 32 k (Description error??) However,
this code seems to work

                (A:SPOILERS HANDLE POSITION, percent) 90 >= if{
                    16384 (>K:AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET)
                } els{
                    -16384 (>K:AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET)

Hello @DA40CGDFQ That is correct. As explained here, the documentation for the
brakes simulation variables is wrong and as you found out, writing the BRAKE
LEFT/RIGHT POSITION just increases brake pressure using a hardcoded value. You
want to use the K events indeed. Regards, Sylvain

Is there a place to go for hints like this?