Dear Asobo, Please be advised the variable Ambient Visibility is not working
at all, not matter what weather preset or live weather circumstances are being
rendered by MSFS the variable remains saying the current visibility is 138600
meters or 86 miles or 74.83 nautical miles. Even when it is clearly poring
heavy rain and I can barely see outside on the ground more than 10 meters
away, the simvar continues to displays wrong data. It is pretty bad we do not
have means to retrieve many weather circumstances via variables already, was
hoping to use this as a stop gap for other cool simulation of my systems… can
you guys check why this doesn’t work? if this is deprecated then please mark
the variable accordingly in the documentation. Best, Raul

related, with answer: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3225

Thanks… well, that’s disappointing… sad face

Hello @WombiiActual @Simbol I’ll see if we can make progress on this. Regards,