[BUG] Aircraft bouncing in hangar when stall speeds set to 0

In flight_model.cfg under [REFERENCE SPEEDS], the following lines are said to
be optional:


However, if these are set to 0 or removed, the plane will bounce in the
hangar, but is fine on tarmac.

Hello, That’s weird because I have been setting them to 0, but I do not have
this bug you mention.

I read your other answer and was about to ask you if you had the same problem.
I set my speed to -1 and it works now, but zero/not including will make it
bounce in the hangar.

That is also weird because when I set it to -1, the aircraft became
uncontrollable in flight.

Ours seems to fly fine with -1. It seems as if the plane “stalls” in the
hangar because it’s at 0 knots.