[BUG] Asobo G3X Garmin altimeter units

Dear Asobo, The current Garmin Touch G3X is not allowing users to change
between hectopascal and inches. When flying in Europe pilots are required to
use hectopascal. So currently we cannot switch via any menu in the G3X between
inches (29.91) to hectopascal (991). Neither changing the MSFS option from U.S
to hybrid or metric has any effect either. Any chance to implement this for
the G3X units? we have now lots of customers complaining about this with the
Sting S4, FreedomFox and Fox… with the last 2 products already on Xbox… Many
thanks in advance, Raul

Hello @Simbol Forwarded to instrument developers.

Thanks Sylvain. Regards, Raul