[BUG] ATC is aware of wind changes, but the active runway does not change

I am working on a project with a runways 11/29 and 06/24. I have setup
different wind directions in MSFS. The arrival ILS runway changes with the
wind direction, but not the departure runway. I have no idea why. I have
checked, re-checked, and then double checked all my runway and airport
settings, but there is nothing wrong. I get this on the ATIS: ILS Runway 11 in
use. Landing and departing Runway 29…" Watching the AI Traffic, they takeoff
on runway 29, but landings are on Runway 11. Sometimes you get departing and
landing traffic on the same runway from opposite ends! This is not the only
airport this happens to. I have a few that all does this. I know that the ATC
system in MSFS is bad and that most people use an addon for ATC, but is there
any plans on fixing this at some point? How can you have your active runway on
one end while landing aircraft on the other runway?

Hello @Space.Baron , This will be reviewed. Thank you for reporting this.
Regards, Boris

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