[BUG] Beta Rollbacks dont restore all files

Dear Asobo, Please be aware people entering AAU2 beta and rolling back after
are encountering some files not rolling back to AAU1. We had now 2 cases in my
beta team + 1 customer experiencing the same issue via our discord server, so
there is the possibility with many more out there experiencing issues. A
particular case study to analyse the problem is examining the content of the
folder Official\OneStore\workingtitle-
AAU1 version garminsdk.js and msfssdk.js file have a date stamp of
31/Jan/2023. Upon entering AAU2 beta these files will get updated to a newer
version as expected, however upon leaving the beta the files remains with the
newer date stamp, indicating they are on the newer version (AAU2) regardless
that the user has rolled back to AAU1. Hope this helps to identify possible
problems, etc. Best, Raul