[bug] Custom boat SimObject issues on SU11 Beta

response-wanderboats-missing-from-xbox-version.html#) We just had a few
reports from Xbox Customers using SU11 Beta that our custom carrier product
(which is a Boat SimObject with arrestor cables, similar to how the Top Gun
carrier works) is not showing up on the sim. The model simply does not load.
This issue seems to be Xbox-only, as no reports of the issue have been
received from PC Customers. This issue does not occur with SU10. SU10: SU11:

Additionally, I would like to report that on Xbox SU10, users are unable to
detach from the arrestor cables (these are default Arrestor cables, places
using the exact same method used for the Top Gun carrier). On PC works just
fine - retracting the tailhook will also detach the aircraft from the arrestor
cables. On Xbox, retracting the tailhook seems to have no effect. This is with
the default F-18, as well as other 3rd party aircraft. We are experiencing
many issues with Xbox lately, and the fact that we are unable to test its very
frustrating, and compromises our reputation. From multiple scenery crashes, to
non-functional features that work just fine on PC. If these issues are not
fixed, I’ll be forced to stop developing and supporting Xbox - which will have
direct implications on our revenue, as there is a large community of Xbox
simmers, but unfortunately the platform is just not stable enough for us to
continue supporting it, and not having the means to properly test the product
ourselves. Many developers are on the same position as we are. Again, to
clarify - the product works perfectly fine on PC, no matter the sim version.
Both of these problems are only being reported with Xbox.

Hello @vantech This is being investigated. I’ll let you know when we have
identified the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Any news regarding this issue? If SU11 is pushed and this issue persists, I
would have to modify my product and remove features just to provide a
functional product, that was perfectly functional on SU10.

Hello @vantech Carrier rendering: I was able to reproduce the problem on
PC SU10 as well. Maybe less consistently but the issue is not new. What
happens is that in some circumstances, the loading screen ends before your
LOD0 or LOD1 is ready and LOD2 is not rendered in the meantime for an unknown
reason. Your model being heavy, it takes a while before it’s ready to render
and it’s probably worse on Xbox. I have transferred the information to our
engine team and they will have a look. This will not be fixed for SU11. Also,
your models are far from respecting our LOD and optimization recommandations
and I wonder if it doesn’t make it more likely to cause the problem.
Arrestor cables: As far as I know, detaching the hook from cables was
never anticipated as this cable system was designed for the Maverick landing
challenge only. The behavior I get while testing your package on PC SU10 &
SU11 with the F/A-18 is consistent: there is a balance between the hook
retraction system pulling the hook up and the cable pulling it down so the
hook position stays around 0.35 and cable remains attached. The only
explanation I have is that there is some sort of safe test where the hook will
fail to attach if its position if inferior to 0.1. So depending on how high
your hook is (determining the angle and when that 0.1 threshold is reached)
and how far your aircraft goes on the deck, there’s a possibility that the
cable will be detached when you reach this threshold. Regards, Sylvain