[BUG] Events AVIONICS_MASTER_N_SET do not work with Robin DR400

Sending the AVIONICS_MASTER_1_SET event does not toggle the avionics when
starting dark and cold with the default DR400. However the event is able to
toggle it off (and then back on) if and only if it was first activated from
the cockpit
. It seems that triggering the event acts like a necessary
condition, but not a sufficient one. I noticed that the BUS CONNECTION
simvar happens to be set to 1 or 0 when the button is clicked on/off in
the cockpit, but NOT when the event is sent from SimConnect. Its value remains
untouched, so the avionics are not actually turned on. Some other observations

  • Setting a keyboard mapping does not work either.
  • MASTER_2_SET and MASTER_SET do not work either.
  • Everything works as intended with the C172 (events, keyboard mapping, …)

Thanks for any help !

Hello @fruphon This issue has been reproduced and will be reviewed. Best
regards, Yohan

Thank you !

Hi, any news on this subject ? It was supposed to be reviewed but I’m not quite reassured since @Yoanito doesn’t seem to be an active user anymore :slight_smile: