[BUG] ExclusionRectangle not excluding SimObjects

Hi guys, I’ve created an ExclusionRectangle with excludeSimObjects to exclude
some of our moving boats but they just sail straight through it. They are BGL
routed boats so I don’t know if that makes a difference? A couple of things
I’ve checked… 1. The load order is correct so the boats are loaded from a
package prior to the test scene containing the ExclusionRectangle. 2. I have
built both packages, loaded them into the Community folder and restarted the
sim so I know it’s not a problem with Devmode. 3. I’m out of DevMode, so
Collisions are ‘ON’ (although I’m not entirely sure if that’s relevant). I’m
running with the SU10 Beta so I don’t know if this is an SU10 issue or not as
I’ve never tried this before. Please can you verify? Thanks, Chris

Hello @SFSimsDev Exclusion rectangles will only apply to SimObjects placed via
the Scenery Editor. It will not apply to BGL traffic or SimObjects spawned
using SimConnect. @Nocturne We could mention that in the documentation.
Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for clarifying :smiley: