[BUG] <FREQUENCY> in the "ASOBO_GT_Update" is out of time

According to SDK manual FREQUENCY should be: update frequency in updates per second (Hz).
But it isn’t and this is a major bug. For every 100 seconds, it delays almost 2 cicles. And the higher the frequency, the higher the deviation.
This is ruinning all my calculations.

I create this debug template that should add 1 unit for every second.

	<Component ID="Denarq_timer_debug">
		<UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Update">
               (L:Denarq_timer_debug) 1 + (&gt;L:Denarq_timer_debug)

And after 100 seconds my timer_debug is at 98.

The best for you is to track the variable SimVar E:SIMULATION TIME and use that instead, it will also ensure when the simulation rate has changed you are following it with your calculations.

is pretty easy, SIMULATION TIME would be your chronometer… you use your own variables to track the chronometer and do the calculations every time the chronometer has moved X amounts of seconds.

Be aware FREQUENCY code slows down when you are on external cameras, and the further away you are, slower the GT_UPDATE code will be executed.


I didn’t know that.
To me this is an huge set back. I don’t know how to do that.
I know hot to track a simvar with my own var, but I don’t know how to use it as a chronometer or how to trigger if this var moved x seconds.

Is basically standard algorithms,

               (E:SIMULATION TIME, number)  &gt; (L:Denarq_timer, number)  1 + if{ 
                   (E:SIMULATION TIME)  (&gt;L:Denarq_timer)

                   your calcs here.

That’s it, that calculates every time the simulation time has passed 1 second… you could do it every 5 seconds, every 10 seconds, etc.


Thanks alot Raul.