Bug in Porthole Parallax material?

Hi! For our upcoming A330 project i tried to aquire the porthole window
technique used at the Asobo 747. Checking the mesh I saw that the porthole
shader is assigned there only to a single quad poly, still giving a nice
impression of seeing into an actual 3d-ish passenger cabin. I tried out with
the default textures the Asobo B747 uses before I do my costum maps, as there
is no documentation at all i could find in the SDK doc about how it works. But
I managed to get very new of it, only having a last problem in the
intersection between outer window surface and the fake interior opening to the
passenger space. While there is a continous white circular frame simulated in
the original Asobo asset, it is not displayed in my version, even using to
original Asobo B747 textures for this. (Note that I am still on SDK 0.16 as I
got exporting problems with higher numbers using MAX2020). I made some image
to explain the issue better… Thank you for your help!

Hello @Polydompteur Can you show us how is your material configured please?
Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain! Your help is very welcome. The Albedo map also contains the alpha
information from the original, I just reused all the Asobo B747 assets I could
find to make me “interactive” picture of this SDK “black box”. I made an image
that shows my material assignments…

Hello @Polydompteur It seems the colour of the part you mentioned is sampled
on the outer perimeter of the window (the part you have set the colour to
black on your albedo texture, and that is grey in ours). I think there’s an
additional ring there. Can you update the colour of that part of the texture
and see if that solves your problem? ( @Nocturne FYI ) Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain! Thanks for your help. The problem was located in how RGB and Alpha
were saved together…

Hi guys, so what am I doing wrong myself? I’m on blender, assuming 3ds max is
easier to work on these aircrafts. But I copied the same porthole from the
Asobo A320 onto my aircraft fuselage without changing anything and I get the
opposite. I don’t get any edge at all. As you can see on the images. Can you
be so kind as to tell me what my error is? Thanks. Screenshot

I am also using Blender 3.1.2 with the Asobo exporter. I simply can’t get the
porthole material to work properly. I have tried to duplicate A320 windows
using its textures (with the intent to substitute my own if I can get the
windows to work in the first place). It looks great but only when viewed from
one angle, that is looking towards the rear of the aircraft. As the view
rotates forwards, the window image moves correctly but then disappears. There
is either some setting in the material I am missing or the exporter doesn’t
work correctly. Since the SDK is very secretive about this material, there is
really no way for me to know why it isn’t working correctly. I have posted as
well on the Asobo blender exporter GitHub page, but as far as I can tell, no
one from Asobo is active there. This is very frustrating as I am modelling an
L1011 and really do not want to create the entire interior of a widebody

Hello @Michael2, @Yasmine is active on github and, by the way, answered the
first question you asked 4 days ago and is waiting for your gltf :wink: As for
your question about the porthole material, can you make a new test using
blender 3.3.3 LTS and the latest version 1.1.7 of the
? Let me
know if it’s better If you still have the issue, can you send us your gltf and
the textures you use? [See provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Thanks, Regards, Boris

Boris, thanks for the reply; I appreciate it. (Embarrassing that I wasn’t
aware of the reply on GitHub.)

You’re welcome, Yes, sometimes I miss the github notification too :wink: Regards,