Bug in Sample project or Visual Studio plugin? Directory "SimConnect SDKWASM"

After doing a fresh install of Visual Studio 2022 (scrubbed all )
installations beforehand, I tried to open the GaugeAircraft SampleWasmModule
project. The problem of being unable to load the MSFS Target seems to be still
there, so I added Visual Studio 2019 to sidestep that. Now, when I open the
project, I get a lot of errors referring to the “*.designtime.log” files,
which told me VS was unable to find the actual platform files. The path it
tries to use is “\SimConnect SDKWASM\vs\2022”, while the actual path should be
“\WASM\vs\2022”. Unsure where this originates… Bert Laverman

The workaround is just to make a copy of the WASM directory and name that
“SimConnect SDKWASM”…