[BUG] In Sim Build Log missing all meaningful errors

In game build log is now devoid of ANYTHING and only reports the same as
external build. Previously it would report issues with ModelBehaviours (as
well as sundry other issues with every other default aircraft)I KNOW that I
have errors in my model behaviours and that there are referenced nodes that do
not exist in the model. Previously this would be reported in the Build, now,
in what I can only assume was an attempt to clean up the noise, there is

There is a new checkbox in the console that auto enables the packagebuilder
filter when you build. You can untick the box and deselect the filter to view
the whole log like before.

Thanks, I’ll check that tonight. I found though that unless I had an error in
the cfg I would get no errors in my XML. I’ll confirm this tonight though.

Hello. As I mentioned in a different post, we’ve added several filter groups
to prevent showing unrelated errors when building a package. Some messages
have slipped through the cracks and may be in the wrong filter group. As
@WombiiActual suggested, selecting All Groups
filter will display the whole log. Let us know if you find the error so we can
add it to the appropriate filter group Regards, Sylvain

All of the XML checks are being filtered incorrectly All of the CFG checks are
being filtered incorrectly These are relevant to the package I am working on
and ideally should be shown by default

What xml files are you referring to? Behaviors? Scenery? Gauges? Sounds? I ran
some tests on Behaviors and the console was correctly showing errors about
wrong formatting.

As for CFGs,
we don’t have a validator at the moment. What messages did you see were
incorrectly filtered? AFAIK, it will report an error if one of the mandatory
file is considered as missing but that’s all. Here, I messed with some
parameters in aircraft.cfg: The
improved version of Aircraft Editor will make it less likely to have errors in
CFG files but we will consider creating a dedicated validator anyway. Regards,

There is already CFG validation built in because it will tell me if there are
duplicate vars or sections. The default beviour of the log now is to only show
the packagebuilder, which is what confused me. On my 4K screen that filter is
covered by text and it is unclear.

Honestly we ONLY need that when
we’re building the package and not doing a resync from AE (I dont use AE as
it’s broken, but edit outside and then resync those changes as if I had used
AE) OR make that filtering better to actually include the XML and CFG issues
from our plane, currently it is only showing the very basic output from the

This information ONLY tells me if I have an issue in my model OR textures (yes
sundry other little things, but these are the main reported issues).

What xml files are you referring to? Behaviors? Scenery? Gauges? Sounds? In
my case I am talking about the XML for the Aircraft model, but any issue
should be reported in this log (preferably filtered to our aircraft/project)