[Bug] MSFS Avionics Framework AbstractSubscribable Possible Undefined Reference

After updating to MSFS Avionics Framework 0.5.0, this error starts to get
thrown in our code which previously wasn’t happening with 0.4.0

I was able to trace it to this
[AAU2 SDK Update · microsoft/msfs-avionics-mirror@9caf9f3
Seems like the use of “singletonSub” may be problematic, if the subscription
of this subject changed in any callback invoked by
“87:this.notifySubscription” then it makes “this.singletonSub” undefined at
90. Am I reading this right? Best,

Hello @Yamazaki93 This issue has been identified and fixed by Working Title.
The fix will be available with the files distributed with SimUpdate 13 and
with the next version of the avionics framework. In the meantime, Working
Title indicated this error can be ignored as it will not interrupt code
execution. Regards, Sylvain