[Bug] Provide example of < BLOCK > coding in Checklists - Bug using in 1.25.9

There are no default aircraft with and , and the SDK documentation says that
the element is sub to while the element says is sub to it. (think its a
Copy paste error in Block description.) Please show a Block and BlockCondition
for say a engine start with Cold/Hot/Flooded conditions. The main Checklist
description for Block makes mention of this type of scenario. Edit-Update: I
have found a bug in using the Block element - I have two pages with elements.
These pages will stop advancing the checkpoint after clicking on TickItem. The
checkpoint will turn on and off (tick) and not advance. If I take out the
checkpoint and retry, it stops advancing at some other random checkpoint. By
random I mean it stops now at a different point not necessarily the next
checkpoint after the one I removed before. If I take out the Block element the
page works fine.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ You can check the Da62 SDK sample. It’s used about weights in
the normal take off checklist. It’s a sub element of in all the examples I
found but I’ll make sure that’s the only possibility and we will update the
doc. @Nocturne FYI Regards, Sylvain

I successfully created checklists for my custom aircraft and I noticed the
exact same problem: When using blocks, the progression of the checkpoint is
randomly blocked. It means when a checklist item is selected and you click
“Tick Item”, it doesn’t go to the next one as expected. If no fix is provided,
it makes the blocks almost unusable.