Bug Report, Aircraft Editor / Lights / Pitch Heading Bank order off, and direction of heading

Hey Team Asobo, I may have found a possible bug with the Aircraft Editor. Last
night, I noticed that the order of Pitch/Heading/Bank of lights angles were
mixed, different from the System config. If one has the config open as well as
the editor, your order is not the same as the AE in the sim. Also, something
odd was happening. With Heading, it seemed to be doing degrees backwards in
the AE, while in the config, it was going in the right direction with HDG. At
one point, it changed mine on the config, and the beam was going off in the
opposite direction. Just wanted to let you know. Good otherwise. Also, it
seems like the Gizmo stopped working for some lights (that didnt use Nodes). I
probably needed to reload the flight to clear its RAM. Bill of the gray
eyebrow people, LHC

Hello @lyonhaart001 That’s something we will address in SU10. Thank you for
the feedback. Regards, Sylvain