Bug Report; Config Files not Reloading after Build

Hello Team Asobo, Before SU9, we were able to click ‘Build’ in Project
Manager/Inspector/Build and the simulator would rebuild, update, and reload
the flight with the updates ‘in’ and active. Now I find that I cannot get them
to show until I go to Main Menu in the sim and restart the entire flight. It
is still working per say, but that is quite a bit of time added to the
process. If one is doing just small updates and tunings, all day long, this
could multiply the time quite a bit. Also the sim stops working after quite a
few reloads and you need to reboot the computer. If, somehow, you could
restore the ability to reload the plane after clicking Build without having to
completely reload the flight, it would be a huge help to us developer people.
God bless and thank you for all your hard work. Bill LHC

Hi @lyonhaart001 You should use the Save and Resync function in the
Aircraft Editor

We have opened
an issue on our side for the project editor which should return a dialog box
indicating that there are unsaved changes. Regards, Boris

is the “save and resync” function going to be available for the scenery design
side of the editor? what a great time save that would be when design/editing
an airport…instead of saving/exporting or building and having to close the
project just to have to re-open it…just a thought…thanks in advance

Any specific feature of the Scenery Editor you have in mind here? Hot reload
is not always consistent in the Scenery Editor as it interacts with many parts
of the game engine but it should be the rule and we can log a bug if you
provide details (ideally in a different post).

The issue has returned with SU-12 Beta. :frowning: Bill LHC