[BUG] Scenery | Build cache's old version

Latest SDK is caching older revisions of the project. I tried deleting all the
rolling cache and any cache related to the sim, although upon restart these
objects still exist.

  • This is the only custom scenery in my ‘Community’ Folder that’s within the vicinity of this.
  • .xml file does not feature any of these palettes or parking lanes/slabs.
  • In-editor, none of these objects are in the ‘Scenery Editor’ view.

Repo: N/A, I haven’t found a way to replicate this yet. ------ Bug: Showing
in Build/Editor: (Old revision of the project)
https://i.imgur.com/mKbjAGg.jpg (Image is too big for upload here) ------
Intended: (New revision of the project) Doesn’t feature palettes, parking
lanes, parking slabs and vehicles are moved to a different position.

Bumping post, don’t know if any addressed if this is a known issue or not.

Hello @azgoodaz You can try removing the content
of SceneryIndexes and see if it’s better. This folder should be located here
if you have the ms store version
Regards, Boris

Does this also apply to the Steam version where it’s stored locally in the
%appdata% ?

Yes, for the Steam version, the path will be AppData\Roaming\Microsoft
Flight Simulator\SceneryIndexes

Seems like deleting that folder still somehow is saving the scenery. Crates,
parking slabs and vehicle parking outlines are still visible.

Hello @azgoodaz , I checked again your project - You need first to clean your
project ( ExportReady/ , Packages/Community, empty
PackageSources/modellib.zip) - Be sure that you doesn’t have the built
scenery in your community folder when editing - Do you have this issue only
in CY** or with other sceneries that you put into PackageSources/ ? - Open
Tools > Virtual File System

Check that you have only one package named parallel42-rattlesnake in it. In
the browse section, if you put the name of the gltf that is not supposed
to appear, you will see its parent folder. - You can also do a clean build
(Project Editor > Project > Rebuild All) to see if there are some errors in
the console. Regards, Boris

Hello @azgoodaz Can you tell us what the problem was in the end?

It’s what Boris stated, it was the empty Modellib folder that was causing
issues not properly building/exporting. Small user error. The SDK should
void/skip folders if nothing is in it, but I guess not haha.