[BUG] Spawning Position Bushtrips (Leg 2++)

Hello, several users of my bushtrips from Marketplace reports issues with a
trip. After they landed successfully on Radium Hot Springs (CBL6) and left the
trip to come back later cannot continue the trip. The place spawns in a tree,
fall down and chrashs. I’ve compared this with freeflight and it seems, in
bush trips the aircrafts spawns at runway edge and not at the starting
position for this runway. Here are some vars from the sim: BushTrip: Lat
= 50.623077 Lon = -116.094793 Alt = 795.761927m above ellipsoid Alt =
810.519797m above geoid (AMSL) Alt = 2.425116m above ground (AGL) ON ANY
HEADING DEGREES TRUE Degrees 346,758915807256 SIM ON GROUND Bool 1
Freeflight Lat = 50.623504 Lon = -116.094818 Alt = 795.311414m above
ellipsoid Alt = 810.068588m above geoid (AMSL) Alt = 1.533607m above ground
343,832226014438 PLANE HEADING DEGREES TRUE Degrees 358,349272293376 SIM ON
GROUND Bool 1 And the image (bing maps) for this. The orange pin is inside of
the bushtrip.

I’ve already
reported a similar issue in SU10-Beta, the spawning position in EDDL on bush
trips is in the fence/localizer and not on runway start position. Thank you in
advance, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC , Thank you , I was able to reproduce this problem and have
opened a ticket on our end. This behavior is due to the fact that the spawn
position is not set on the runway start unlike in freeflight. I will keep you
updated when I know more, Regards, Boris

Hello, This behavior has been fixed for SU12. The starting position for legs2+
will be now based on the runway start position like in freeflight. Have a nice
day, Regards, Boris

Thank you very much, @Boris BuffyGC

Hi @Boris Just testing the Sim Update 12 Beta and I can confirm, this issue
is fixed. Thank you very much, BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC , Thanks to you for your feedback :wink: Boris

Is this really fixed in the release of SU12? One of my bush trips still wants
to spawn a leg with the aircraft wedged in the roof of a hanger. The plane
soon crashes. This is the bush trip: <https://flightsim.to/file/25132/western-
montana-bush-trip> Leg 9 takes off from Deer Lodge, Montana, airport (38S). I
had the problem in SU11. I downloaded SU12 and all updates today, and it
spawns the aircraft in the exact same position as SU11.

That bush trip was built in April 2022. I deleted and re-added the 38S airport
and rebuilt the bush trip just now with SU12. I no longer spawn in the hangar,
but I am instead in the grass. It looks like it is ignoring the runways and
placing me where the LittleNavMap airport symbol is.

@Boris , can you share any insight into how the SU12 algorithm works? Or
perhaps, suggest what might be unique about this airport such that the
algorithm doesn’t work?