[BUG] [SU10] Statistics Profiler Tool not unloading data correctly

Just had a look at the Statistics Profiler Tool in SU10 and it appears to not
be unloading Projected Meshes from the data when moving away from the area.
(Normal scenery models works fine) It loads Projected Meshes correctly when
approaching an area with them, but then flying around the world it starts
adding them all to the list. This then starts to say its loading 10+GB of
Textures, even though we know this is not correct? This is quite a big problem
when trying to optimise our sceneries with LODs etc, as it make it hard to get
an accurate reading of what is actually being loaded in especially when spread
over a larger area. The same issues around Aircraft Sim Objects, it seems to
say all the default planes in the sim are loaded, even though they haven’t
been? This isn’t so bad as it says 0 bytes of textures but has a few kbs of
non-texture memory. Which I assume is the last LOD of each Airplane. But it
would be good for it function as it did before by removing the ones that
aren’t loaded.

@FlyingRaccoon Is it possible to get this onto your backlog ?

Hello @HybridNZ Thank you for your feedback, someone is having a look.
Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for that, Cheers.

FYI it should be fixed for SU12 Regards, Xavier

Awesome thanks for that