[Bug] SU10 - VFR navigation data search - results are unsure

Hi, starting with SU10 - the VFR search isn´t returning the all data, when the
Navigraph dataset is installed. __Initial scenario: * Navigraph AIRAC
cycle 2209 revision 2 installed, * set your aircraft to LOWW and open the VFR

There are two VORs
existing, WGM (Wagram) and FMD (Fischamend) - both are visible on the map.
Test 1: enter WGM in the search bar
Result: nothing - WGM is
visible but can´t be found
Test 2: enter FMD in the search bar
Result: FMD will be found
Both VORs are in the same BGL-file with exactly the same coding (excl. ident,
coordinate and frequency). Both VORs will be shown on the VFR map and both can
also be searched directly on the WorldMap

Test 3: loaded the default stock A320 and try to enter WGM and FMD (no
upload of pictures possible due the 5 attachment limit) Result: both VORs
will also be found via the FMS
So, the data are available, visible and
selectable but in the VFR map, the result is differ to ie. the WorldMap. As
Test 2 + 3 shows, that can´t be a data issue because the WGM VOR is working
and selectable without any issue, but will not be found via the VFR map.
Further, there were no data/cycle change between the latest/outdated v1.26 and
the current v1.27.21 but in the v1.26 the same data where working as expected.
So something must be happened in the SU10 release. Please let me know, how we
can fix this … Thank you, Richard