[BUG SU12 XBOX WASM Preview build] Checklist shows empty

Dear Asobo, We have just identified a problem with our product Sting S4 on
Xbox regarding Checklist, on PC these display all correctly no problems,
however on XBOX WASM invite build we have, these show totally empty, bellow 2
shoots illustrating the issue: PC Checklist:

XBOX Checklists:
As far as I am aware the
methodology to develop these is the same for both platform correct? what could
be causing this problem? the encryption? I will attach our checklist .XML file
set for MODs only so you guys have the file. This is kind of a big issues now
since our customer have been waiting for many months and moons for the S4 to
come out in Xbox and this would be a typical show stopper from market place
people to release it. So any help from you guys would be very much
appreciated. Kind Regards, Raul

Hi, that problem has also been affecting the Harrier from us ( DC Designs )
for some time. Checklists work fine on PC, but not on console. If there’s
something in both aircraft that is blocking the checklists it might be worth
comparing them to narrow down the cause.

@EPellissier ,I discussed your earlier findings with Dean (DC1973) and
although he is not having an issue with missing tags, he is using comment
sections which works perfectly fine with the PC .XML parser, however it seems
to fails on Xbox with the version of the XML parser for this platform. It
seems this is another cause of problems, commented sections works for PC but
not for Xbox, would be good if get alerts or something at build time to
prevent this problems in the future. Thanks for your help today, I am
submitting an update to MP with the hope they can push it to the Xbox WASM
preview build so my internal testers can confirm checklists are working as
they should. All the best, Raul

@DC1973 @Simbol, There is actually an issue in the Harrier checklist - I won’t
post a screenshot here since DC Designs may not want part of the package to
become public. The problem is located at the end of the last element :
there’s a closing tag without a matching opening tag. I think the opening
tag is missing just above the CheckpointDesc that deals with Pilot Visibility.
Again, using Visual Studio Code allowed me to quickly find the issue (red zone
in the scrollbar). We are investigating why the two parsers behave differently
and will aim at providing a fix for this. Please let me know if you need more
information. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric @EPellissier , Thanks for this, personally I have been using Notepad++
for doing these checklists in hence why I missed the issue in the first place,
unfortunately since things worked on PC I thought it was all working as
intended. I will use Visual Studio in the future for checklists to avoid any
problems. Best, Raul

Hi Eric @EPellissier , Confirmed, updating the checklist.xml makes it work on
XBOX, thanks again for the help. Best, Raul