[bug] terraforming in default airports

(actually don’t know it this is to be considered as a bug o a strange design
choice) Problem: Some default airports (or all?) comes with too large
example CAE7 in Canada or SWES in Brasil the
terraforming is very subtle, maybe because it has a very large falloff, but
can be quite noticeable: Maybe not a bug, but and oversight? altitude from

in those cases, the wrong terraformed terrain around the airport makes my
scenery floating above the terrain (all my objects here have snap to ground
off and absolute altitude, altitude is obtained mainly via SRTM so it is quite
the right one, especially in areas without world updates…)

anyway, a 200 meters difference in altitude is noticeable

Please note that i’m not complaining about my scenery looking wrong in some
places because of default airports terraforming

but want to you to focus in the opportunity of reviewing the default airport
construction algorithm, or at least making the flattening rectangle areas
visible in the sdk editor

the manual solution to this problem is pretty straightforward: overwrite the
airport and re-place (place again) the runway at the correct altitude without
some crazy falloff

Have a nice SU10 for next week :smiley: