[BUG?] - Textures disappearing ----- Incoherent Apron / Polygon Placing

Hello everyone, I got those two issues above, and here’s a video showing them
both: - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Aprons Disappearing -
Incoherent Poly / Apron Placing

Before Minute 1:00 it’s shown the aprons disappearing whenever I move or Add
a Taxiway P
oint , the textures for the whole surface seem to disappear
for some reason. I tried all different combination regarding that, but it
happens all the time . After minute 1:00 you can see how, if the " Object
" window is INSIDE the Sim Window , aprons and polygons gets
placed correctly. As soon as the window gets moved on a second monitor ,
the very first point gets placed randomly dozens of meters away from the
point it should be placed. Does anybody have a workaround / News about this?

Hello @Losco_Nosciuto This is an issue with TaxiwayPoint and TaxiwayPath
objects editing. It has already been reported and is logged in our bug
tracking system. https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/5713 Regards,

Hi @FlyingRaccoon Sylvain, what about the misplacement on multiple monitors?

We were able to reproduce the issue and this will also be reviewed. Regards,