[BUG] Wanderboats / Leisure Boat Traffic missing from Xbox

@FlyingRaccoon @Boris @Darwikey I have split this specific Wanderboat query
out from the original post (now named ‘BGL Boats on Xbox’) which had another
question which was resolved. Can you please provide an update on when Xbox
will get working leisure boats? Since the sim’s release to Xbox the Leisure
Boat setting on Xbox does nothing. - The missing boats are more noticeable
on Xbox now that the SU10 beta includes wakes.
Based on what @Darwikey
previously stated about the Xbox Ship & Ferry boat traffic, one reason for
wanderboats not appearing on Xbox could be that the Wanderboat code is
generating boats to appear only if leisure boat traffic is set above 30%.
@Darwikey confirmed Xbox needs this to be less than 30% for them to appear.
Can this be a quick tweak to the wanderboat engine to generate boats to appear
at a lower leisure boat setting of 1%- 30%?

@FlyingRaccoon @Boris is there progress on this bugfix?

Hello @SFSimsDev No progress on this. As we are facing issues with memory
management on Xbox, any decision leading to an increase in memory allocation
is on hold. Regards, Sylvain

Does the removal of the Leisure Boat traffic setting in the current SU10 Beta
indicate that this will not be revisited longer term or is this a temporary
fix to reduce user confusion? Thanks, SFSimsDev

@FlyingRaccoon - Just bumping this. Is a fix for the Leisure Boat traffic
cancelled now that the slider has been removed from Xbox?

Hello @SFSimsDev, For the moment, indeed, there will be no Leisure boat on the
xbox. Regards, Boris