[BUG] WT G1000 multiple instances

Dear Asobo, Following the advise from @eidar from this post:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/4964 I configured two independent
WT G1000 units via the panel.cfg:

  1. [VCockpit01]
  2. size_mm=1024,768
  3. pixel_size=1024,768
  4. texture= AS1000_PFD_1
  5. background_color=42,42,40
  6. htmlgauge00=NavSystems/WTG1000/PFD/WTG1000_PFD.html?Index = 1 , 0, 0, 1024,768
    1. [VCockpit02]
  7. size_mm=1024,768
  8. pixel_size=1024,768
  9. texture= AS1000_PFD_2
  10. background_color=42,42,40
  11. htmlgauge00=NavSystems/WTG1000/PFD/WTG1000_PFD.html?Index = 2 , 0, 0, 1024,768

This is in order to have proper unit failures as explained on the post above
and the reversionary mode working correctly. However putting 2 units in the
panel.cfg like this results in a bug where the volume, com1, com2, nav1, nav2,
course, etc. move in steps of 2 when using the knobs. For example, the Nav Khz
will jump from 111.00 to 113.00 instead to 112. The Navs Mhz will jump from
111.00 to 111.10 instead of 111.05. The course will jump from 200 to 202
instead of 201 and so on… This is using the default AS1000 templates, during
my investigation and debug process I discover the cause, the AS1000 templates
are sending H:Events to increase / decrease the variables (nav, com, volume,
etc.) and it seems the WT units then process these events twice, resulting in
the variables explained above jumping 2 times the value being selected. Beta
users were unable to set ILS frequencies properly, so I had no other option
than taking the configuration out and make it the same as the Caravan
configuration. However now we are stuck with improper PFD failure behaviours,
reversionary not working as it should, etc. Is there anything I can do to make
this work as required by Piper? they are on my neck to get this working
correctly. Kind Regards, Raul

Hello, The G1000 NXi does not support independent PFDs at this time. We do not
have a timeframe for if or when this will be supported. You will need to use
the PFDs in a mirrored configuration. You can take a look at the sim’s
implementations on aircraft with a display backup button for examples. Thanks,

Hi @mattnischan , I understand, you told me a while ago independent units are
not supported in WT G1000, my objective is to make Asobo aware of the
situation because as you can see on my post the 6th of January regarding
issues with the reversionary mode, eidar asked me to split them in order to
implement the behaviour required by Piper. However doing what Asobo advise,
results in the problem explained above with knobs, etc. If I implement your
suggestion with a mirror like the Caravan, the current handling (electrical
system and systems_1000) in MSFS core doesn’t fail the units properly as per
aircraft POH, and the aircraft manufacturer is on my neck for this… honestly
sometimes I wish we wouldn’t have to license anything with these airplane
manufactures, they lack understanding of our limitations. My post is to bring
awareness to Asobo team, the handling of units failures for certain airplanes
manufactures is a BIG thing, they want to represent their safety correctly in
the simulator, understandable since we are in a way writing simulation
software that they want to also utilise for their own training purposes in the
future. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Best, Raul