I ran some testing and found I can check a bus connection to the main bus
without a bus lookup index and also can use the simvars. But the SDK says
requires both a
and a bus index. and is not true. Or it may be true if you have multiple bus
connections. This I want to confirm and ask the SDK be updated to be more
specific. I also was trying to create multiple bus connections to test the
theory you do need the bus lookup index. I do agree if you want to check if a
bus is connected to a circuit you need the bus lookup index. And the SDK has a
good example. Can you guys show me a good example where you need the bus
lookup index if you are trying to test a bus to bus connection. I figure this
may only be needed if you have multiple connections to the same index as
stated above. I also want to confirm that the ‘bus index’ is the bus list
(bus.5 =) on the left under [ELECTRICAL] and the bus lookup index
(Connections:bus.1,bus.9 ) is the connections? Example: bus.5 =

Hello @Flysimware When BUS_LOOKUP_INDEX is not set (0) it will return true if
any of your bus connection is on. So if you only have 1 connection, it will be
fine. But in the example you provided, if connection between 5 and 1 is off
and 5 and 9 is on, if you you have lookup set to 0 and you request
BUS_CONNECTION_ON:5, it will return true. Regarding your last question, bus
connection works in both ways so switching bus index and lookup index will
return the same result. @Nocturne for documentation Regards, Sylvain