[Bushtrip] ExecuteRPNAction

I have a few questions about ExecuteRPNAction, which I am trying to get
working in bushtrips to set several variables. Specifically, I want to turn on
the landing lights of the C172 Skyhawk. To do this I use the following code:

  1 (>A:LIGHT LANDING, Bool)

The action is triggered by a trigger that also contains a DialogAction. I hear
the text of the DialogAction and it is displayed as a SubTitle. I suspect
either the action is not executed, or SimVars (A:) are not supported. In favor
of the former is that when I include the DialogAction in the ExecuteRPNAction
in the ObjectReferenceList as an ObjectReference, that it is then neither
heard nor seen as a Subtitle. The behaviour is independet from the
“Immediate”-flag. If I convert the ExecuteRPNAction to a Calculator in the
CalculatorFormula, the setting works fine, but needs further overhead like the
activating and deactivating the Calculator with ObjectActivationActions to
save FPS. Hence a few questions:

  • Is ExecuteRPNAction supported in bushtrips?
  • Which variable types are supported?
  • Is the ObjectReferenceList optional or mandatory?
  • What object types are supported in the ObjectReferenceList?

Many thanks in advance, BuffyGC

I have gotten it to work by including an objectreference that either points to
the calculator it’s called from or to the simobject it’s setting the variable
for. But official documentation would be great.

Thank you @WombiiActual, with a ref to a calculator it is working, yes. But
for just setting a L-, X- or A-Var, no calculator is necessary for the logic,
isn’t it? Why should we use a “empty” calculator just to set a var? BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC The objectReferenceList is indeed mandatory but you can use the
player GUID which is always 1CCF6D89-BA36-445f-B5C8-47571ABC0773 and never

      1 (>A:LIGHT LANDING,Bool)

Best Regards, Yohan

Thank you very much @Yoanito. With the player GUID it is working indeed. I’ve
tried it with a DialogActions, too, but then it is not working, however. Would
you happen to answer the other questions, too?

  • Which variable types are supported?
  • What object types are supported in the ObjectReferenceList?
  • When are the items of the ObjectReferenceList called? Every time? Or just if the RPNCode result is not zero / true?

Thank you very much, that helps a lot, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC - The supported variables are the one supported by the objects
in the objectReferenceList, for example with an aircraftcontainer you will be
able to access the A:,E:,L:,V:,I:,Z: and with a calculator you can access
those plus the X: of the calculator. -For the supported object type in the
ObjectReferenceList, as far as I know there are the aircraftContainers and the
calculator and its derivatives (airportcalculator for example) -Items in the
ObjectReferenceList are not called, instead the RPNCode will be executed on
them every time the RPNAction is called Hope that will help, Best Regards,

Thank you very much. BuffyGC