[Bushtrip] - Static Library Objects

Hello, Another customer of mine is having an issue with LibraryObjects. There
are 3 LibraryObjects placed, one at the starting airport, one at the second
waypoint at a distance of about 5.1NM as the crow flies from the airport and a
third at the end of the first leg at a distance of 25NM from the starting
point. The first two are visible, the third is not visible in the first leg.
If the second leg is started, the third object is also visible (whether the
other two are visible in Leg2, I don’t know). It seems that there is an
optimization of the objects here, that objects further away are not visible
from the beginning. However, they are not visible even when approached. We
could help ourselves by doing this manually with ProximityTrigger. We also had
a small side effect: If the third object was activated by default, the
ObjectActivationAction had no effect (kind of logical for devs, but less for
users). If the LibraryObject was not activated, the ObjectActivationAction
helped, so the acute issue is fixed and the customer can create his mission.
with this workaround. Is there a max distance from the spawnpoint where the
objects are visible, or is there another issue here? I’ll attach a sample
mission in a moment. Thanks in advance for your support, BuffyGC

@FlyingRaccoon, @Yoanito Could I get an answer to the question? Thank you in
advance, BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC , we didn’t forget you. I asked the developer but this is the kind
of question that takes time because we have to debug the behavior and deal
with other issues at the same time. I’ll let you know when I know more :wink:
Regards, Boris