C++ aircraft creation

Hello everyone,

I’m here asking for advice on how to create a high-fidelity aircraft. I have tried my best to familiarize myself with the SDK but I’m still not understanding it to the point that I could create a high-fidelity aircraft with accurate features and an accurate model. I’m not understanding how to render or draw accurate and custom avionics, and even if I could I don’t understand how to implement them into the sim. My dream is for the aircraft to be made on a C++ platform, which I am mildly proficient at, and as true-to-life as possible. I’d also like the aircraft to be available on marketplace but of course, I’m unsure of how to actually accomplish this. To keep this as short as possible, where do I go to figure out all the skills and software needed to create a high-fidelity airliner? I’ve been trying to experiment on planes already in the sim and to reconfigure their characteristics, but I just cannot get it 100% right and I’m stomped and reaching out for help. Someone please, point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance everyone!

To be a bit blunt, You will require a lot more than just C++ to make an aircraft asset for the sim.

I suggest starting at the SDK - Creating External Assets


You need 4 out of the five items listed there to start then you can add C++, Javascript HTML CSS, XML. Your starting point is correct - review the samples in the SDK.

Thank you, I’m going to read through these topics some more and see what I can make happen