Calculate final parking position of AI airplanes

To improve our SimConnect based Airport Services for AI airplanes I would like
to calculate the final parking position of the airplane that is currently
taxiing in. Is there a function to calculate the Offset from the parking
centerpoint for the nosewheel or the airplane centerpoint?

Hello @Kaiii3 We unfortunately don’t have this kind
of function, but maybe it is possible to make with the simvar and event
available, can you explain to me exactly what you want to do and what you have
already done ? Best regards, Yohan

Hey @Yoanito my overall goal is to have a a full
set of Airport Services controlled via our SimConnect application serving the
injected AI airplanes. Handling services for airplanes already injected or
parked at a parking spot is easy for us since we already know the actual park
position (GeoLocation) since they are already there. What we already added is
a function to send boarding ramps, baggageloaders and busses to a parking spot
for standby while the AI airplane is still taxiing from the runway to the
spot. And here starts my issue: As long as the aircraft is not fully parked I
can only use the parkingspot location as base-point for any calculation to
place the services in their stand-by location. Lets take this 2 examples: -
Airplane A320 Parking Spot Radius: 31.1m - Airplane A330 Parking Spot Radius:
31.1m The final postion of the back door of the A320 will be much closer to
the front of the parking spot compared to the A330. So the back boarding ramp
should be waiting further to the front compared to the A330 Since I know the
offset of all doors/interactive points it would be perfect to calculate the
waiting positions for the services based on the dynmic final airplane-location
and no longer based on the fixed parkingspot-location. How does the Simulator
calcualtes the final waypoint for the AI airplanes? Maybe I just can do the
calculations myself in the app. I can access data stored in the aircraft.cfg
files, SimVars (SimConnect) and the NavData API for the airport stuff.

Hello @Kaiii3 We don’t have that information right
away as this behaviour is largely inherited from FSX. We would need to
investigate and I’m not sure we’ll be able to do so in the next few days. Have
you tried comparing the traffic aircraft final position with the parking
position you already have? I wouldn’t be surprised if they would match or the
offset would be constant… Regards, Sylvain

Hey @FlyingRaccoon I have not spend time trying to write my own function to
calculate the offset yet, but I have some spare time next week and will give
it a try. Will report back with my findings.

Hey @FlyingRaccoon based on my observations AI is placed/parking with the
nosewheel on the default T-Line
Would it be possible to make the offset of the default “T” readable via the

Above Image shows
AI injected as “Parked ATC Controlled” at LPPT (updated with ingame Scenery