Camera API

I’d like to add my +1 for this response. I’m developing the G36 Improvement
Mod (<
project/216094/2420>) & a PA-46-500TP
build-journey/478148/99>) and the ability to use a camera API to add specific
shakes, vibrations, and general aircraft dynamic movements would add so many
levels of immersion to our mods/products. For example I’m using the XML
behaviours on the G36 to simulate spark fouling, at the moment the affect is
so limited as I can only model rpm fluctuations, the abilty to ‘shake’ or
‘vibrate’ the aircraft/view would be amazing!

Yes, +1 for a camera API. We‚d like to be able to place the camera freely,
e.g. also with relative coordinates related to the user aircraft (or any AI
object perhaps). Plus camera rotation along any X, Y and Z camera axis. Use
case: freely place the camera during replay.

The forum thread at: <
api-in-simconnect/334102/42> which got a quite a number of votes has been
closed due to being an SDK request here. So this is another vote for Camera
API support.

20+ year user flight simulator here, starting at FS98, through now. FSX
onward, I always had the ability to set and maintain completly custom
interior/exterior views, that were custom to my needs and set-up. When I
switched over from X-Plane about a year ago, I was perplexed that I could not
purchase a 3rd party camera add-on to manage my custom views for the many
different aircraft I fly in the sim. I KNOW I’m not the only non-developer to
experience this frustration. We had be getting a ton of votes on this
topic, and even if it was not the intention, it is EXTREMELY frustrating to
have that wish list topic closed. It makes it appear as though Asobo is
closing a wish list topic that they don’t want to provide a remedy to.
users fly a variety of aircraft. Myself, airliners. Having a One-Size fits
all approach to the camera settings in regards to seat height, zoom, etc,
doesn’t function well for one user with more than one aircraft.
seating position (and thus camera position) various from a 737 to an A320 to
an MD-80. Many users have different screen sizes, resolutions, screen set-ups,
etc, and need to customize their views to a particular aircraft they fly. This
is where a 3rd party camera app comes into play. The various camera apps used
for P3D and X-Plane have been phenomenal. I can hop into a 737 or an A320, and
my camera seat height, zoom, lateral/vertical positions and pitch is all
maintained and is proper to my personal set-up. I’m just a user, and I don’t
stand to make a penny off an development for any camera utility. I do stand to
gain an immense amount of camera functionality and hours of flight simulator
enjoyment, which would alleviate 90% of my frustrations with this sim. I beg -
PLEASE, PLEASE, Asobo, create a camera API so 3rd party developers can
create camera utilities to better serve the community! :slight_smile:

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What the heck is going on in this video? What are they

It is stated in the comments that they use some “custom solution”, still no
offical API support. They also say using their method can cause issues while
flying, but it’s working good enough for this walk around feature.

While the subject of views is up again, I’ll revive my one simple request.
Camera.cfg docs say you can turn off the transition between custom views.

  • The switches in the camera.cfg do not work for this
  • It must be doable because:
    • The default taxi sequences switch between drone views without transitions
    • Switching from internal to external view occurs without transition

I would love to know where we’re at on this 558 days later. Thank you!

Agree 100%. I still fly XPlane esp now I purchased V12 and the updated
X-Camera . Every time I use my interior and exterior views it reminds me of
how simple it should be in MSFS. Please add my vote to your request to
Asobo/Microsoft to make available a means to make it happen

Can’t believe this feature has never been prioritized, even though it’s an
obvious benefit for the entire community. I hope they are working on it behind
the scenes.

Hello, A camera API for 3rd party developers is essential and will allow them
to create immersive addons like ChasePlane which will allow us to easily
configure default cameras for each aircraft; to create personalized cameras in
the cockpit, in the cabin and also outside the aircraft; create cinematic
cameras (qui se déplace toute seule autour de l’avion de façon cinématique);
and also add camera effects such as take-off and landing shake. Currently, it
is difficult to create views outside the aircraft by modifying the camera.cfg
file, and we can see black textures appear at the cockpit level (as in the
video above) because the simulator thinks that we are still in the virtual
cockpit and therefore does not know that we are outside the plane. It is also
complicated to configure the default views for each aircraft. It is therefore
for all these reasons that it would be very useful to open a camera API for
3rd developers to allow them to develop addons such as ChasePlane and to solve
all these problems. Kind regards, Charles

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Eagerly waiting on any news on this feature :slight_smile: I’d really like to be able to
programmatically (via SimConnect) set the camera with 6DoF. Possibly also in
relation to the user aircraft, that is its center of gravity, for use cases
like: * camera circles around aircraft (relatively speaking, but would always
move together with the aircraft and possibly also tilt with the aircraft) *
camera is located under a given jet engine And also possibly to lock the
“object of interest” (the user aircraft in most cases), such that tilt and
rotation would be automatically computed based on the camera and object
position. But a simple API to set the world coordinates (lat/lon/alt together
with “camera attitude”: pitch, bank and heading) would already be a good
start. Because then we could at least do our own computations and update the
camera position (with those 6 degrees of freedom) ourselves.

So, everyone who comes here asking for a Camera.API… please state what that
means to you. I’m sure Asobo would love to consider doing this, but, if they
don’t know what you want, how can they? The only person I see stating what
this API should be able to do is @runshotgun .
Is his list in the OP all everyone is asking for, or do you expect more?

With70 likes and being the most voted API request on the site I think it is
irrelevant… In any case I stated many times via other post why I would like
this, it has been done progressively every time I find a limitation with the
cameras. Some samples: These are just a few, If I had
a Camera API among the lines requested on this idea, all my problems would go
away I could move the cameras the way I want to do anything I want and any
point I need. Giving me not only best development workflows but incredible
results for my end users since the effects I could put on my products would
make a incredible big difference. Sometimes people don’t want to post public
why they need something in particular, it is a very competitive market and
they don’t want others stealing their ideas, therefore saying that if we don’t
state what it means to US makes the idea less desirable for Asobo doesn’t make
any sense, the entire point of the “LIKE” (Vote) system is to allow developers
to express interest without having to disclose in a public forum their entire
plans of what they want to do with it. Best, Raul

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2 years have passed, any update from Asobo? Just feel like they did not care
about that.

Please give access to the camera system to the community devs. It would add so
much Immersion for instance if you create drag by deploying the gear or flaps.
Or if you do aerobatics. Or imagine how soaring and bush flying with the new
thermals and turbulences could improve. Open the door or canopy in flight and
see what happens. The wind will rattle you making it nearly impossible to read
the instruments. Or as with RealAirs aircraft, if you overspeed with extended
flaps and you break it, feel the shake for the rest of the flight. Just
imagine the difference of flying straight with an open plane well hidden
behind the wind shield vs. Doing a side slip. Etc. There are so much ways how
an open camera system could be used by community devs to add Immersion to this
great sim. Still hoping for your support and kind regards, Joe

Please bring in chaseplane nother better for a camera system . The MFS camara
is chunky missing full of functions , you can even save a external views in
external mode . basic things that cant be done , its amazing that microsoft &
Asbo don’t understand this . They should put all their efforts in making
performance and stability better and leave the weather , camera and other api
to developers that know what they are doing .

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It is now more than 3 years since MSFS 2020 was released, but still info about Camera API from MS/ASOBO. It seems like everyone asking for Camera API have given up on MS/ASOBO.

Not even taking the time to update the misleading Camera API info in the SDK documetation just shows MS/ASOBOs lack of customer support.

All MS/ASOBO resouces are probably all working with the new MSFS2024 game features and do not have time for fixing basic features.

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It’s so disappointing that we’ve yet to hear anything from Asobo on this. The camera API is for me, the only thing I’m waiting for. I became so reliant on ChasePlane that not having that control of where I want to look, when I want to look there has been a big frustration and immersion killer for me.

I’m really looking forward to MSFS2024, but I won’t be upgrading until I’ve seen some movement on this issue because sometimes it puts me off even loading the sim up. The longer I wait, the more tempting it is to to dig out P3D again.

The moment I hear that it’s being implemented, I’ll have the biggest grin on my face!


Any progress on this? At least in the sense that this idea got picked up for further internal discussion, and possible inclusion in any subsequent iteration of MSFS?

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