Can a geotiff or other DEM data be imported to an airport?

I’m fairly new to scenery creation in MSFS, so this may be a stupid question,
but I am trying to find information about using the Heightmap feature of the
SDK in general and. more specifically, can a geotiff or other DEM data be
imported into the SDK to model an airport?

The answer to your question is yes. I can’t tell you how, but I think if you
search for information on cgl files will start your journey. I highly
recommend visiting, too.

The SDK tools at the moment can’t import geotiff there was a tool available
here, elev | MSFS Toolkit ( to do
such job, but because of someone using it in a non permitted way, is not
available (for free) anymore if you manage to get in touch with him you could
try to obtain it, otherwise, terraforming rectangles are just a “simple” list
of altitudes in plain text, so with lot of math, time, programming skills and
gdal anyone could reach the same result as Nool

I had seen the MSFS Toolkit but didn’t pursue it because it scared me off
having to contact the creator. Now that I understand why, I may contact that
person and find out more. Too bad about someone using it in a way that’s not
permitted. I thought maybe there is an alternative to that tool or a way
within the SDK to get the same effect (and apparently there is with time and
knowledge), but nothing simpler as yet. Thanks for your replying and
explaining about the geotiff import impossibility and the Toolkit.

Yeah this needs to be looked at more closely. There needs to be some sort of
native support with good documentation for importing terrain especially in the
vicinity of airports, and the ability to have runways follow said terrain
without having to chisel away at them. The “MSFS Toolkit” referenced above
could fanangle that, but it’s not a viable solution for folks that want to
sell their stuff commercially.

? The Nool Toolkit was meant to be used both for freeware and payware, and
used for payware you need to pay a licence from Nool The issue was with
payware developer not paying for the tool