Can aircraft [VARIATION] include flight_model.cfg?

The documentation for the [VARIATION] usage refers to modified “aircraft.cfg”
parameters and additional “texture.XXX” sub-folders, but doesn’t mention other
.cfg files in the same aircraft directory e.g. flight_model.cfg Q: Does the
[VARIATION] technique allow other files in the aircraft folder to be
overridden, or is it only the things that can be referenced in ‘aircraft.cfg’
such as model, panel, sounds, texture? We’re trying to model a glider that has
exchangeable wingtips for a 15m and 18m wingspan - the model swap works fine
(or I could just control visibility of the different wings in the Behaviours
XML) but can anyone clarify if/how I could override ‘flight_model.cfg’ and
‘reference_points.cfg’ ? If the [VARIATION] technique doesn’t allow override
of the other aircraft files I can build this as two separate aircraft
packages, so no drama, but I’d be interested to know if there’s a better way.

Great idea!

From the history of flight sim we always were limited to the same config files
and only the model, textures and panel were able t thave different variations.
So yes you need two separate packages. But if anyone could make this work it
would be Asobo and I vote this idea up as we have always needed this.

Hello @B21 The [Variation] section in the aircraft.cfg
will override all the other .cfg (including flight_model) with the .cfg of the
base container, it is primarily used to make Livery and won’t work in your
case because you will need to override the flight_model.cfg again to change
the wingspan and it is not possible to override only one .cfg from the
variation. You will therefore have to make two different packages. Best
regards, Yohan

“You will therefore have to make two different packages.” thanks Yohan - this
is the approach I’ve been working in the likelihood the [VARIATION] method
wasn’t going to work for this use case. For other’s reference my 15m / 18m
wingspan planes will be implemented as two side-by-side separate packages but
designed as primary (18m) and secondary (15m) so quite a few important
elements don’t have to be duplicated. 1. The secondary can load the html/js
instruments from the primary. 2. The model XML in the primary package is
placed in a ModelBehaviorDefs folder. Both the 15m and 18m model XML use a
‘stub’ XML file with

      1.  ModelBehaviourFile=XX>

3. The 15m uses the model textures from the 18m model using a fallback in its
local texture.cfg

hello @Yoanito From your answer it seems that any
value configured in aircraft.cfg can be modified by using the “base_container”
call in another aircraft.cfg file, is this so? I have tried to change in this
way values of other “sections” of the aircraft.cfg (services or pilot or
effects) which do not have an independent cfg file, they are only configured
in aircraft.cfg, and I have not been successful. Can this type of “sections”
be redefined with the use of “base_container”? Thank you D.

Hello @degorap According to the documentation
page related to the

(see “The aircraft.cfg File” section) you can change any parameter of the
aircraft.cfg file when using a Variation :

You don’t need to write
base_container in those section, just copy the aircraft.cfg of the base
aircraft and change the value that need to be changed. If this don’t work, you
can send me your package ( see [3) Provide private
bug-or-crash.html) ) and I’ll investigate it. Best Regards, Yohan

@Yoanito As you say, using a copy of the aircraft.cfg in my package I can
change any value, and that works, but this method violates what is defined in
the EULA for a paid aircraft, since it is distributing and modifying a file
that they own, and this can only be done with authorization. On the other
hand, creating an aircraft.cfg with the base_container call could modify
parameters without violating the developer’s EULA. What I have tried is really
simple, in the aircraft.cfg of a livery (which works) I have added these
BOARDING_RAMP = 1 GROUND_POWER_UNIT = 1 PUSHBACK = 0 (only value changed, in
the plane it is in “1”) SMALL_PUSHBACK = 0 MARSHALLER = 1 JETWAY = 1 And this
is not working, the TUG is still there, when I use de first metod (full
aircraft.cfg copy) it works. D.

Hello @degorap Our documentation was misleading, and did even misled me into
believing that you can change any parameter of the aircraft.cfg when using a
variation. It was false and the doc will be changed, the only parameters that
can be changed when using a variation are the ones under the FLTSIM.N section.
Sorry for giving wrong information. Best regards, Yohan

@Yoanito Oh what a shame, it would have been great if you could change
parameters of other sections. And how about modifying the functionality of
“base_container” to make this possible? That way it would not be necessary to
modify the documentation :wink: D.

Hello @degorap Unfortunately this is not planned but your suggestion will be
reviewed. Best regards, Yohan