Can checklists be localized?

I am in the process of creating a package which adds checklists to an existing
aircraft, but I’m having trouble referencing strings provided in my package’s
locPak files in the checklist XML. Strings defined in the locPaks in the fs-
package resolve correctly but I’m unable to get any other string to
display as expected. For example: \en-US.locPak:

  "LocalisationPackage": {
    "Language": "en-US",
    "Strings": {


The result of this setup in the checklist window is the following:

Preflight inspection GAME.CHECKLIST_MY_CHECKLIST_ITEM - - - - - - - - - -

              • Normal

The two strings defined in the fs-base package are correctly resolved (the
page title and the expectation text) but the subject text is not correctly
resolved. Is this behaviour that is expected to work? Am I missing something
from my setup here?