Can counter rotating propellers use new propeller physics?

When I use the new physics entries on my engines it seems to work but the rpm
of the left engine is less than the right engine. Can someone explain why this
is the case?

Hello @Ariebaba Yes you can. How did you configure your propellers before
switching to new propeller physics. Did you use a rotation parameter? With
the new propeller physics, remove any rotation parameter if you had
defined one because this can lead to weird behaviour. Then you just have to
use the prop_mod_reverse_left/right/centre parameter to change the
rotation direction. It will not affect animation though, it’s up to you to
handle it. You can see how your propeller behaves in the simulation by opening
the Sim Forces debug view in the AircraftEditor

I ran some tests with the
KingAir 350 and Da 62 but none of them show a difference in RPM between
engines when changing the rotation direction so I suspect it’s coming from
something else. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for your answer. If fixed the rpm. It was a mistake on my part in code,
but because I have some slip in flight I was misled. So I still have to fix
this slip although it was a good insensitive to make the rudder trim earlier
in the process. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The new mod is
perfect. The plane flies a lot more realistic. To bad that the aircraft editor
removes the changes after using.