Can JS get the User's GamerTag

Is there a way to determine Programmatically, in JS, (1) The current User’s
GamerTag (2) The MSFS Product type ( Base / Premium / Deluxe) ? (3) MSFS
Version #

Hello @N6722C I’m sorry but there is no official way of gathering those
informations. Best regards, Yohan

Thank you for that information,

The API call used by the Nameplates (aka InGameMarkers) returns everyone
else’s Xbox gamertag, so there might be some convoluted scheme where you can
get that to return the tag for the in-sim pilot. The current combo of the
map’s GET_AIR_TRAFFIC (locations but no info about the planes/users) and the
API call used by InGameMarkers (xbox name, altitude, plane type, but no
location) is just enough to not be useful and the data can’t be joined up. If
it is improved with a single API call, my plea would be to add ATC ID to the
data (so plane_type, lat/long/alt, atc_id, xbox_id). After that I could use
the velocity vectors and maybe an on_ground indication so I could predict
where the plane is between samples.

It was Benjamin Franklin who first said, “ You can do anything you set your
mind to
”. In many cases, this also applies to MSFS – with a little work
and thinking “outside the box”.