Can the camera settings for the hangar view be tweaked?

The screenshots of an aircraft that show up in the selector are supposed to be
taken in the hangar view, by clicking on the button in Dev Mode. (And then
some magic makes the actual hangar disappear and uses only the camera
position, angle, and field of view that are current when you click the button,
so the photo ends up being taken against a blank background.) But what if your
aircraft is so large that none of the views from the front show all of it?
(Only the view from the back shows the whole of my aircraft.) Is it possible
to edit the camera positions used for the “tracking shots” in the hangar?

Hello. The button capturing the image with current camera being used was not
done on purpose. The tool in SU5 is an intermediate version of the improved
capture tool coming with SU6. In the SU5 version, have you tried checking the
“Edit Thumbnail Camera” checkbox? This will let you adjust the distance of the
camera so that it matches the size of your plane. (Forward shift slider)
Let us know if that fixes your
problem. Regards, Sylvain

Ah, thanks. Somehow I had missed that “Edit Thumbnail Camera” checkbox,
thanks. (But if this will be improved in SU6 anyway, I’ll wait for that.)