Can the (old) A32NX be removed from the marketplace?

Hello, the A32NX is no longer updated in the marketplace and the version that
is in the marketplace is incompatible since a long time. It would be helpful
to remove the A32NX from the marketplace completely, as this version sometimes
gets installed automatically and users have issues then. The plane is then
invisible and installing a proper version in the community folder does not
solve the problem. Can you please remove the A32NX from the marketplace? Best,

Hello @aguther , Are you the project owner ? If yes, I think you should have
access to a Microsoft teams channel and therefore the best way is to send a
message to your contact at Microsoft Regards, Boris

Hello Boris, I’m part of the development team at FlyByWireSim. From MS
perspective I guess it’s Iceman being the original contact. I’ve asked him now
and we will then use this channel. Best, Andreas

Perfect then ;), Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris , unfortunately we didn’t have much luck with the Teams channel so
far. Is there another way we can contact the team to get this done? This old
version still causes quite some issues for us as it gets reinstalled
automatically on sim reinstalls etc. Regards, Sascha