Can we auto-feather props at idle on Turboprops?

Hello all, Is it possible to have the prop on a Turboprop ‘auto-feather’ when
its at absolute zero throttle? I have reverse thrust which I wish to keep, so
I do not want to mess that up. I need for thrust on this plane to go to zero
when at idle as she is a bit powerful. Many thanks, Bill LHC

Hello @lyonhaart001 The auto-feather will kick in when: -
are set to 1 - it’s armed, meaning the engine N1 went above
min_n1_for_autofeather_armed since it started - N1 is below the
activation threshold Now, regarding this last condition, I found a bug while
investigating your question. The parameter to configure this condition is
supposed to be max_n1_for_autofeather_actuated but the one that is
considered is max_pct_torque_for_autofeather_actuated. This second
parameter is not supposed to exist. It’s a naming mistake and we will fix it
with SU10. (both will be read to avoid breaking anything). So, if you want to
have the propeller auto feather when the throttle input is at 0, you need to
set this second parameter to a N1 threshold slightly above your idle N1. And
if you keep lowering the lever in reverse position, the N1 will rise above
that threshold and propeller will unfeather. Does that answer your question?
Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain. It does. Bill LHC