Can we have a Prop Feathering example?

A basic tutorial or required parameters for Feathering a Piston Prop would go
down a bundle ?? Anyone ??

Hello For manual prop feathering, here’s what you have to do: In
engines.cfg : - set prop_feathering_available to 1 - set
beta_feather to the desired angle Then you just need to write any negative
percentage in the GENERAL ENG PROPELLER LEVER POSITION SimVar and your
propeller will feather. The Da62 should demonstrate auto feathering although
it seems non functional at the moment. I will update the sample when it it.
Regards, Sylvain

ok Good so far, I managed the manual feathering with few problems however …
please … Any information on how to get an Unfeathered prop to start
windmilling ??? RPM Wont go above 6

This is done by adjusting the engine friction parameters.

Can you be more specific? I have tried a wide variable of adjustment so stall
the engine at idle but mainly they appear to do nothing at all

I expect lowering the torque values in the engine_friction_table would
increase the rpm values. Also check you don’t have very high scalars that
could impact this a bit too much: - max_rpm_friction_scalar -
idle_rpm_friction_scalar - recip_stop_arc_friction_factor : Factor on
how much friction affects the reciprocating engine while having a spring
compression behaviour. (new parameter added recently and with a default value
of 2) Don’t you see any difference when setting very low torque values and
scalars to 1.0 ?

max_rpm_friction_scalar = 1 - idle_rpm_friction_scalar = 1 -
recip_stop_arc_friction_factor ( tried 0,5 - 2 ) with no visible effect The
Issue I am seeing is mainly AFTER A successful feathering … Watching the
Variables (Prop rpm and Prop Beta) amongst others … On setting the Beta back
to normal ( From 89 to 15 degrees ) The prop Blades come back to their
expected position but the Prop RPM Just hovers around 4 - 6 RPM ! as if there
is a brake on the rotation … or No Airflow

Sorted it !!! The Key was Prop MOI