Can we make a power curve for turboprops that manages power rates per throttle position?

Can we make a power curve table ‘somewhere’ that applies ‘power’ according to
throttle position? If so, where in the configs would that be? Is that a prop
setting? Can we create a power curve value based on throttle position? For
instance, spiking up performance on the turboprop to meet my airspeed I need,
she now ‘cruises’ at 150 knots at idle, zero throttle. But I have the top
speed I need. Further, her cruise speed should be higher in the throttle zone,
but its kicking in at 50% range. It should be 75%. Many thanks for any advice,
Bill LHC

Hello @lyonhaart001 What about controlling your 3D lever position with a local
var and defining yourself a mapping between that local var and the lever
position simvar you write to? Regards, Sylvain