Cannot Export Projects; Causes CTD

Hello all, With the new SU12 Beta, my MSFS simulator crashes when attempting
to export a Community or Marketplace project. I updated yesterday, and the
problem still persists. Kind regards, Bill Ortis Lionheart Creations

Same here, both Community and Marketplace “build & export” makes sim to CTD.
This does not happens if you use the package tool via command line ie:
%MSFS_SDK%Tools/bin/fspackagetool.exe %xml_def% -rebuild unfortunately
command line package tool does not create a package suitable for Marketplace
Did not happen before SU12 Is a major issue, it should be investigated and
solved asap Mario Motta SIM SKUNK WORKS

Hi there, This is a known issue which will be fixed with the next flighting
update. Apologies for not spotting it before the flighting started. Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

I do confirm buld fixed the issue /Mario

Hi @EPellissier Was this issue fixed in the latest build? I’m still getting a
CTD when attempting a Build & Export, I have v1.31.22.0 The project did not
CTD before with previous builds. We have some fairly urgent updates needed to
go out caused by WU12, and we can’t do it.

Hi @AgentMir, We fixed the issue in so the CTD you are having may
have a different origin. Is there any chance you could share your project (or
a subset of) so that we can investigate? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

My apologies, I resolved the issue which was related to the project itself.
Appreciate the reply!