Cannot make a taxiway path between 2 taxiway points [error : not connected to two points]

I am having trouble connecting a taxiway path down the length of a runway to the taxiway path that runs all along its length.

I am getting stuck connecting the taxiway point on the end of my runway to the point that is next to it on the taxiway. I have been able to connect most other taxiway points and paths, but when i CTRL-click these two taxiway points [ and they turn white], and i right click in between and choose ’ Create Path’, i do not get the blue line [taxiway path], and instead get an error ’ not connected to two points’.

Does anyone know how to fix this ?

Looks like you have three point selected, try with two

No its actually two points. When i right click the mouse, then the gizmo shows the white dot in the center, but its not an actual point. [i think?!]. i never added a point but thats where i rt-click on the mouse to open the menu

I fixed this by deleting my past taxiways, and just stretching one of the basic close rectangular loop with four taxiway points [all connected taxiway points and taxiway paths] all along the length of the whole runway and its parallel taxiway. Now i am splitting these at different points to add more detail to the taxiway paths. Crude solution and takes longer but at least now i have a closed loop .

(Edited original reply as I see you’ve solved that issue). Instead of a longer workraround, how about merging the disconnected points and splitting them again where you want it to turn?