Can't make the Asobo Magneto template work

I am making a plane with three engines. The magnetos are of the type
off_left_right_both with a rotating Knob to select them. I am using the Asobo
template and I can’t get it to work at all. ELECTRICAL_Magneto_Left
ELECTRICAL_Magneto_Left Horizontal 0.75 Forward 0 1 2 3 Curved False The
Animation is stuck at the final frame, In the BOTH position. When I interact
with it, it tries to move to the previous mode (RIGHT) but then moves back to
BOTH. I am creating the animation in Blender. Does it have to be an specific
length? Am I missing something in the XML? Any help pointing me in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated.

I beleive your issue is that you misunderstand ( and I do to sometimes) the
This is a test if the tag is found or not, it does not mean check if True Or
False as a value. So, False with the Condition above evaluates to true (not
false as expected) - It Found the tag - So it believes your switch has a
start position and that is a momentary movement of start and right back to
both, like you explain what is happening to you. I’ve not validated my
suggestion, I’m explaining of the top of my head. So just remove False from
your code completly, then the condition will evaluate to FALSE and you don’t
have a START position on your MAGS

Thanks a lot. That makes a lot of sense. I wasn’t quite sure how the
conditions worked or were checked. I will give it a try

Didn’t have much luck… The system looks like it wants to work but it starts
with magnetos in Both position and although it reacts to the attempt to move
it, it goes back to Both without any chance to reach the previous state… I
am wondering if there is anything in the plane systems that stop me from
modifying the state of the magnetos. Any electrical system or similar. I am
using the D62 as base like explained in the Jonx tutorials…

It works now. I did make some changes to the engines.cfg and they work now.
Unfortunately I am not quite sure what I changed…