Can't merge my old account, verification code is always flagged as Expired

As per subject, I filled the message template with my previous username, and I receive the verification code immediately, both by PM and by email.

However, as soon as I reply to the merge request message with it, it always says it’s expired, even if it was just generated and, following this message, I immediately get a new code, which is also reported as expired, generating a new code, and so on.

My old posts are from my username with _xblms added to it, but I don’t have this email added to my account, which I gather is what is supposed to be happening when the account is merged.

Can you provide some help ?

I checked your account, and since your verification codes are correct, I have merged your old account with this new one.


I am also having this same issue with my code saying it is expired as soon as it generates a new one. I’ve tried multiple times now.

Could you possibly do a manual check on my account too?

I had two possible (similar) account names and two (very different) email accounts and I’ve submitted every combination.

I made a fix. You can try again (as the old code is now expired, expect the system to send you a new one when you will put the old one).

Search for your old post and you will get your old username. Just remove the “_xblms” in it and that’s it.
As for the email, for security reasons, I won’t be able to give you the email associated with your old account.

If you both have any issues regarding this, please send a PM to @Administrators


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