Can't Use SetStoredData/GetStoredData?

Hello, this is the first time I’m posting on this so sorry if I’m not clear
enough. I’m curently working on what’s basically a sort of gps system that
allows to pinpoint on a map the different position our plane had when we
checked. The system works great, but now I would want to improve it by making
it so you can store the data of the coordinates you got on your last flight
and use it on the next flight, that way you could continue your flight without
loosing those datas if for example you had a computer crash midway through
your flight. I tried many solution, such as store the coordinates (arrays)
however nothing seemed to work, then I found out about the not documented
SetStoredData(“_data_name”, “_data”) and GetStoredData(“_data_name”) I thought
about using them and made some tests however each time I try to use the
fonction, my whole js crashes, hitting a hard error. I know for a fact it
comes from using the fonction, it’s like I was using something that doesn’t
exist. As you can see in the image I linked the only thing I do under a
controlled condition is to try and set a stored data, the data isnt even a
complicated variable, for now its only a test with a simple
string. Is there Something I’m
missing to use SetStoredData and GetStoredData ? also here’s my script.

Just use I’d also make your keys more unique with some sort of prefix you can
use to easily search for them.